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Data flow in Redux. Actions: An action is a simple JavaScript object that includes data. The store's only source of information is actions. Actions feature a type field that specifies the type of action to take, and the other fields provide data or information.

In Redux, the most common way to describe an action is to declare an action type constant and an action builder function for creating actions of that type separately. These two declarations are combined by the createAction helper. It accepts a type of action and returns a creator for that type of action.

  • The store is directly manipulated. UPDATE RESOURCES and DELETE RESOURCES allow you to modify the store synchronously and independently of requests.
  • Requests are handled by the remaining action kinds.

According to Redux's official documentation, actions are the store's only source of data. It transports a payload of data from your application to be stored.

An action creator is a function that produces an action object from scratch. Action makers in Redux just return an action object and, if necessary, provide the argument value. The result value of these action creators is supplied to the dispatch function, and the dispatch is executed.

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