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The bread and butter of most modern ReactJS web projects are React class-based components. Simple classes make up these components (made up of multiple functions that add functionality to the application). All ReactJS component classes are child classes of the Component class.

yes. Although React class components are no longer utilised in modern React development, we still need to be familiar with them in case we need to work on legacy projects.

It's straightforward to create a class component; simply declare a class that extends Component and includes a render function. You can use it in any other component after that. It is not necessary to define one component per file, however it is a good idea.

The syntax is less difficult than that of class components, and it's easier to read because you already know how much you can't do with functional components. It's a lot easier to observe what's going on and what's coming out of the component when you utilise prop destructuring.

The syntax, for starters, is a clear distinction. A functional component is simply a JavaScript function that returns JSX, as their names suggest. A class component is a React-extended JavaScript class. A render method is a component that has a render method.

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