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Create a Constructor that takes props as an argument and passes it on to the base class function Object() { [native code] }. Let's make a state object, add an Id property, and set its value to null. Now it's time to put the render method into action. In the render method, we'll construct a form element and insert a text-type input.

CSS Styling for React Forms:

  • Make a Form. css file and import it into the React file as './Form. css'.
  • div className = "form-box"> div className = "form-box"> div className = "form-box"> div className = "form-box"> div className = "form-

React employs forms to allow users to interact with the web page in the same way that HTML does.

  • Creating a Basic Form.
  • Creating a File Uploader Component from Scratch
  • Inserting the File Uploader Component into the Form
  • Using FormData to Upload Files

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