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  • The first step is to open a store. You'll install Redux and connect it to your root component in this stage.
  • Creating Actions and Reducers is the second step. Then you'll make actions to add a bird and increase the size of a view.
  • Dispatching Changes in a Component is the third step.

The function mapStateToProps, which is implemented in the aforementioned component, will be used to map state contained in the redux store. Props in the respective component can now be used to access the state. The componentWillReceiveProps lifecyclehook will be able to retrieve the state from the redux store.

It WORKS, BUT anyone can hack it by just changing the value of the redux store from the console, or dispatching the LOGIN SUCCESS action, or even altering the js where the verification is, is that correct? What can you do to avoid it? For your route-specific pages from the server, I recommend employing lazy loading of the JavaScript.

  • Create a Redux store.
  • Register for updates.
  • Inside the callback for subscriptions: Get the current state of your store. Extract the data that
  • this piece of UI requires.
  • Render the UI with the starting state if necessary.
  • Redux actions are dispatched in response to UI inputs.

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