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  • 6. Styling

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CSS in React is scoped globally by default. This means that if two items have the same className, they will conflict. Using distinct class names for each component is one method to avoid collisions without having to do any additional settings.

MUI is the best React UI framework for web development, in our opinion. It comes with a large library of components and templates that can all be customised to fit your needs.

You can add your CSS to an existing CSS file in your project directory. You may then use it in your React JS component, class, or page.

  • Add a style object with the class MyHeader, which extends React.
  • Instead of background-color: class, use backgroundColor: MyHeader is a React extension.
  • Make a style object with the name mystyle: MyHeader is a React-based class.

The scoped attribute is a true/false boolean value. It specifies that the styles are meant only for the subtree rooted at the style element's parent element, rather than the entire Document, if it is present.

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