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A single page application (SPA) is a web application that does not completely load new pages using the default technique. Instead, it interacts with the web browser to get new data from the webserver and refreshes the existing web page.

A react application does not have to be a single-page app. React gives you a mechanism to define HTML in terms of classes with precise render logic, but it doesn't impose any application logic, such as single vs. multi-page.

A single page app can be developed using the following steps:

  • Create the initial html file that includes all the necessary files to build a single page app.
  • Add React JS to your project by installing it from NPM or downloading it from their website.
  • Create a new folder called src and add index.js as the entry point for your app.
  • Import React JS into your index file, which will import all the necessary dependencies like react, react-dom, and others.

This is how a single page application works. The first page loads in the browser and it loads the second page with JavaScript. The second page will load any content that needs to be displayed on the first one.

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