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A React component that listens for changes in the context. You can subscribe to a context within a function component by using this component. It is necessary to perform the function of a child. The current context value is passed to the function, which returns a React node.

By keeping information in a central location and granting access to any component that wants it, React's context allows you to exchange information with any component (usually you are only able to pass data from parent to child via props).

Without utilising props, React context allows us to pass down and use (consume) data in whatever component we need in our React programme. In other words, React context makes it easier to transfer data (state) between components.

React needs to make each context consumer an own node in the tree to maintain context re-rendering fast. If you frequently utilise two or more context values in the same render prop component, you might want to consider making your own render prop component that includes both.

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