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  • JSX cannot be read directly by web browsers. This is because they were designed to only read standard JS objects, and JSX isn't one of them.
  • A JSX file must be converted into an ordinary JavaScript object before it can be read by a web browser. We use Babel for this.

Synthetic events are objects that wrap the browser's native event in a cross-browser wrapper. They consolidate the functionality of various browsers into a single API. This is done to ensure that the attributes of the events are uniform across browsers.

The export and import attributes can be used to modularize programmes. They aid in the separation of components into separate files.

Forms in React are comparable to those in HTML. However, with React, the state is stored in the component's state property and can only be modified using setState (). As a result, the elements can't update their state directly, thus a JavaScript function handles their submission. This function has complete access to the information that a user enters into a form.

Pure components are the simplest and most quickly written components. They can be used to replace any component that has merely a render (). These components improve the code's simplicity as well as the application's performance.

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