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During data loading, this component gives state.

As a result, you can place your loader inside the root div> of your index.html file. And until React takes control, that will be visible on the screen. You are free to use whatever loader element you choose ( svg with animation for example).

We need to know the current stage of data fetching in order to display a loading spinner or anything similar. So we just add another state hook (useState) to handle the isLoading state, and set the state of isLoading based on the data fetching with const [isLoading, setIsLoading] = useState(false).

Add the spinner class to the react container and use the:empty pseudo class as a workaround. As long as nothing is rendered into the container (comments don't count), the spinner will be visible. The loader will go as soon as react renders something other than a comment.

Users are informed that data is being loaded from an external API with loading spinners, which are regarded good UI/UX techniques. To avoid numerous API requests during a fetch request, buttons must be disabled when the loading spinner is displayed.

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