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Redux may operate with any UI framework, but it's most commonly associated with React. React-Redux is our official package for interacting with a Redux store by reading state and dispatching actions to change the store.

Any UI layer can make use of Redux as a data store. Although React and React Native are the most popular, bindings for Angular, Angular 2, Vue, Mithril, and other frameworks are also available. Redux merely provides a subscription mechanism that any other programmes can use.

The state is predictable thanks to Redux. The state of Redux is always Advantages of Performance:

  • Testing is simple.
  • Persistence of state.
  • Rendering on the server.

React Redux, being the official React Redux binding, is kept up to date with any API changes from either library, ensuring that your React components behave as intended. Its intended use follows the React design principles of declarative components.

  • In your selectors, make use of memoization.
  • Use action creators that are referentially consistent.
  • To reduce the number of renders, use batch operations.

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