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  • 8. Dialog and modals

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  • Run the following command to create a React application: foldername npx create-react-app
  • Once your project folder, foldername, has been created, use the command cd foldername to navigate to it.

Components of the container React components that have access to the store are known as container components. These components conduct API requests, process data, and house the app's business logic. View logic and presentational logic should not be included in container components.

The React API includes a component. A component is a type of React UI that is described by a class or function. A React component that is connected to a redux store is referred to as a container informally.

Container components in a React app are largely known as the parent elements of other components. They operate as a link between the standard components that render the user interface and the logic that makes the UI interactive and dynamic. A container component's most typical role is to obtain data.

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