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  • 5. Iterations and conditions

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In JSX, the map() method is the most frequent way to iterate through an array of data. You can give a callback function to the map() method and it will be called for each iteration. Pass a unique value to the key prop when rendering the User component.

You must put your expressions within curly brackets if you want to use. forEach() or other JavaScript methods in JSX. This is required to inform React that everything between curly brackets should be treated as ordinary JavaScript.

We must utilise the Object. keys(objectName) method to loop through an object. Then we may make an array containing all of the object's key values.

In JavaScript, an iterator is an object that defines a sequence and, in some cases, a return value when the sequence is completed. An iterator is any object that implements the Iterator protocol by having a next() method that returns an object with two properties: value and number of iterations.

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