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Zoom and Pan are used in all types of drawings in AutoCAD, including 3D drawings, 2D drawings, wireframe drawings, and orthographic views. The Zoom & Pan tool can also be used with other CAD programs like Revit or SketchUp.

Zoom and Pan is an important feature in AutoCAD. It allows users to explore their designs more easily and accurately. These features are not just for designers but also for engineers, architects, and others.

Advantages of Zoom & Pan:

  • It allows users to explore their designs more easily and accurately
  • It helps them avoid mistakes while designing
  • It saves time because they can zoom into a specific area without having to move around the drawing

Zoom & Pan is a feature of AutoCAD that allows you to zoom in and out on your drawing. You can use it when you want to make a precise selection of objects on your drawing. This feature is useful for drafting, design, and engineering applications.

The following are the steps that you should follow before you start using Zoom & Pan:

  • Make sure that the viewport is set to the same scale as the drawing.
  • Click on the Zoom tool in the command bar and select Zoom & Pan from it.
  • Select an object or a group of objects in your drawing.
  • Choose whether you want to zoom in or out by clicking any of the two buttons at the bottom-right corner of your screen.

  • Zoom is a function that allows you to move closer and farther away from the photo to see more or less of it. This can be done by clicking and dragging the Zoom slider, as well as pressing the "+" or "-" key. The Zoom tool also provides a magnifying glass icon that you can use to zoom in on an area of interest.
  • Pan is a function that allows you to drag around the photo on your computer screen with your mouse cursor, allowing you to view it from various angles.

AutoCAD has a feature that allows you to zoom in and out of your view. This feature can be found on the View tab of the ribbon bar. You can also pan around your view by clicking and dragging with the left mouse button or pressing Ctrl+Left Mouse Button (Zoom In/Out).

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