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A Boolean operation is a type of mathematical operation. It involves either two or more sets of values, where each set is composed of a boolean expression.

To use the OR operation, you first need to create two different objects on your drawing. These objects can be lines or circles, but they must be different shapes and have different properties. You then need to select both of them and choose the Boolean Operation option from their respective context menus. Finally, select a value for each object that you want to use as a result of the OR operation.

AutoCAD uses Boolean operations to perform calculations that would otherwise require lengthy mathematical equations. The powerful capabilities of AutoCAD's Boolean operations allow users to create complex designs with ease and speed.

Boolean operations are used in AutoCAD to do things like subtracting, adding, dividing, and multiplying two or more objects. This is done through the use of a Boolean operation tool that is built into AutoCAD.

Boolean operations are used to combine and manipulate the values of two or more variables.

There are four different types of Boolean operations in AutoCAD:

  • AND: This operation returns TRUE if both the inputs return TRUE.
  • OR: This operation returns TRUE if either input returns TRUE.
  • XOR: This operation returns TRUE if one input is true and the other is false.
  • NOT: This operation inverts the value of a variable, returning FALSE if it was originally true and vice versa.

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