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Hiding objects in AutoCAD is a way to save on the file size and speed up drawing.

There are three methods of hiding objects in AutoCAD:

  • Hide Objects - This method hides all objects that are not selected,
  • Hide All - Hides all objects without having to select them,
  • Hide Unused - Hides only the unused layers of the drawing.

There are numerous methods of isolating objects in AutoCAD. The following are the three most common methods:

  • Selection Filters
  • Object Properties
  • Selection Sets


  • hiding objects in the drawing enables you to hide them from view, but they are still there
  • this is done by selecting objects and then clicking on the Hide toolbar button, located on the Home tab of the Ribbon


  • isolating objects in a drawing enables you to isolate them from all other object interactions, including selection and editing operations. This is typically used for complex drawings with many overlapping or intersecting objects.
  • this is done by selecting an object and then clicking on the Isolate toolbar button, located on the Home tab of the Ribbon

The Hide command hides all objects in the current drawing window. The HIDE command is used to hide specific objects. The HIDETEXT command hides text from drawings.

The benefits of hiding objects in AutoCAD include:

  • It allows users to focus on what they are working on without having things get in their way
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes, from simplifying designs to creating graphical details
  • It makes it easier for beginners who might not know how to use all the tools

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