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The 3D Move command can be used to move an object from one place to another, or from one plane to another.

The 3D Move Command is a new feature that allows you to move around the scene in a video by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. This feature is not available on all devices, but it will be rolling out soon.

To use 3D Move Command, select the desired object from the scene panel on the left side of the interface. You can then click the "Move" or "Rotate" button on the right hand side of this panel. This will enable you to drag your mouse around your screen, which will result in corresponding movements on-screen. You can also use arrow keys on your keyboard to rotate or move objects without having to hold down a mouse button.

  • 3D Move Command is used to move a 3D object in three axes. It moves the object by the given distance, in the given direction, and with the specified rotation.
  • The 3D Rotate Command is used to rotate a 3D object about its axis or around an arbitrary point. It takes an angle and rotates the object by that angle about its axis or around that point.

The Mirror Command in AutoCAD is used to mirror the geometry of one object onto the opposite side of another object. It can be found under Modify tab and has two options: Mirror and Flip. The first option is used to mirror a single line, arc, or polyline while the second option is used to mirror an entire drawing or group of objects.

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