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The loft command is one of the most important commands in AutoCAD. It can be used to create a surface from two or more surfaces. For example, if you draw two lines on a sheet of paper and want to connect them with another line, you can use the loft command in AutoCAD to create a 3D sketch.

There are a few advantages of using loft command in AutoCAD. One can use it to create 3D objects. Another advantage is that it is more efficient than the other methods of creating 3D objects. It also has the capability to make changes quickly and easily.

Lofting is a 3D modeling technique that creates a surface by combining two or more 2D cross sections. Loft Command in AutoCAD can be used to create a surface from these cross sections.

The loft command is one of the most popular commands in AutoCAD and it is used for creating 3D solids from 2D objects. It’s also a very useful way to create complex shapes such as furniture, chairs, tables and much more.

There are three types of Loft commands. They are:

  • Loft Face: This command is used to loft 2 faces together.
  • Loft Body: This command is used to loft two bodies together.
  • Loft Curve: This command is used to create a loft curve between two existing curves.

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