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The mirror command is found on the Modify panel on the ribbon, in the Draw tab. There are two types of mirror commands, one that flips an object horizontally and another that flips it vertically. The most common use of this command is to create a copy of an object that can be used as a template for other objects with similar properties or functions.

The mirror command in AutoCAD is one of the most commonly used commands. It is used to create a mirrored copy of the drawing. The mirror command can be accessed through the Draw menu, or by typing “M” on your keyboard.

After you have selected a drawing and then executed the Mirror command, you will notice that there are two new drawing tabs that appear on your screen:

  • The original drawing tab with the original view
  • The mirrored copy of the drawing with its own view
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The mirror command is an Autodesk Design Tool that can be used to create the same objects in a mirrored form. It is widely used in architecture and engineering industries for creating symmetrical objects.

The benefits of using the mirror command are:

  • It helps in creating symmetrical shapes for two-sided plans and models.
  • It helps in creating symmetrical shapes from a single object.
  • It helps in copying an object and then flipping it over to create a mirrored copy of it.

The Mirror command works by taking two objects and placing one on top of the other. The two objects should have identical geometry and texture mapping so that they will look like a single object when mirrored. Once this is done, the "Mirror" command should be applied to both objects.

There are many different uses of Mirror Command in AutoCAD. One of the most common uses is to create symmetrical objects. This is done by using the command on an object, then copying the object and using Mirror Command again on it. This will make the two objects mirror images of each other.

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