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The first step in using the Divide command is to select the polyline or polygon that you want to divide. The second step is to enter the desired number of segments in the box at the top of your screen. The third and final step is to hit enter on your keyboard and let AutoCAD do its thing.

This command is used to calculate the length of a line, angle between two lines, area of a polygon or circle.

Measure and divide are two words that people often confuse. The word “measure” is a verb which means to take the size, weight, or length of something. The word “divide” is a verb which means to divide into parts or shares.

What are the benefits of using the Divide and measure command?

The purpose of the Divide and Measure command in AutoCAD is to divide a drawing into two or more separate parts. The Measure command measures distances, angles, and areas of objects in a drawing.

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