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A polyline is an object in AutoCAD which can be used to draw lines or curves. It is a collection of line segments connected by straight line segments called 'control points'. The control points are the points where the line segments meet and you can adjust their relative position to make them move together or apart.

There are two types of polylines that you can create in AutoCAD. They are the line and the spline. The line is a straight line that you draw with a point at one end and a point at the other end. The spline is a curve that has two or more points. These points can be at any location on the curve as long as they are connected by straight lines.

The following are some examples of how to create these different types of polylines:

  • Line: A straight line that starts from point A, goes through point B, then ends at point C.
  • Spline: A spline starts from point B, goes through point C, then ends at D before continuing to E.

Drawing polyline in AutoCAD is easy and efficient way to create shapes, outlines, or even complex designs. In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a polyline using the Line tool.

Drawing polyline in AutoCAD is the process of creating a line between two points without using a ruler.

Features of drawing polyline in AutoCAD:

  • Polyline can be drawn using a variety of 2D and 3D tools.
  • The beginning and end point can be specified by clicking on the first point and then dragging to the last point.
  • The length of the line can be defined by typing one or more coordinates into an input box.

The purpose of drawing a polyline in AutoCAD is to create shapes and areas by connecting multiple points using straight lines. This is done by drawing the first point and then selecting the next point, and so on. The end result of this process will be a shape or an area that looks like it has been cut out from another object.

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