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An ellipse is a two-dimensional shape that is defined by its center point and the size of its radius. It can be drawn in AutoCAD using the Circle command.

To draw an ellipse in AutoCAD, you need to first create a circle. Next, you need to set the radius of the circle by using the R command followed by the value for radius. You can also use the D command followed by a number if you want to specify the diameter instead of radius. To finish drawing your ellipse, use the E command followed by Enter or Return key.

Ellipses are used to represent a circle or a sphere in AutoCAD. The three types of ellipses are: Circle: The circle is the simplest of all ellipses and it can be created with the Circle command. Sphere: The sphere is a type of ellipse that has the same diameter in all directions. It can be created with the Sphere command. Elliptical Arc: Elliptical arc is an arc that passes through two points on an ellipse, which are called endpoints. It can be created with the Elliptical Arc command.

An ellipse or an elliptical arc is created. The first axis' position and length are determined by the ellipse's initial two points. The distance between the ellipse's centre and the second axis' end point is determined by the third point.

A circle is a type of ellipse that has the same radius at all points. An ellipse is formed by expanding a circle in either the x or y direction.

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