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The dimension command is a set of commands that allow the user to change the size of objects. They are found on the Modify tab in the ribbon, by clicking Home > Modify > Dimension. The command can be used to resize an object or group of objects.

The Modify Dimensions in AutoCAD command is one of the most important tools for any AutoCAD user. This command allows you to change the size, angle and location of any dimension object.

There are four types of dimensions:

  • Linear dimensions.
  • Angular dimensions.
  • Dimensional analysis.
  • Dimensional equations.

The first three dimensions are used to measure length, width, and height. Dimensional analysis is the process of analyzing a physical situation in terms of its dimensional properties, and dimensional equations are mathematical expressions that relate various physical quantities to one another by use of the symbols √(L), √(W), and √(H).

It is not possible to change the dimensions of an object in AutoCAD. The only way to do this is by using a 3D modelling program.

The purpose of modifying dimensions in AutoCAD is to make changes to the size, shape, and orientation of an object. You can also use it to change the properties or appearance of an object such as color or material.

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