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This section is about dimension tools in AutoCAD. Dimension tools are used to measure distances and angles in AutoCAD, they are used to create lines and arcs which can be dimensioned. The distance between two points can be measured using the DISTANCE command or the ANGLE command.

The three dimensions of a rectangle are the length, width, and height. The length is the distance from one end to the other. The width is the distance measured from side to side. The height is the distance from top to bottom.

Dimensions are used to define the size, shape, and orientation of a drawing.

The following steps should be followed when you need to create dimensions in AutoCAD:

  • Create a new line or arc by using the LINE command or the ARC command.
  • Select the line or arc that you just created and then select the DIMENSION command from the menu bar.
  • Type in an appropriate value for each dimension (e.g., if you want to define the length of an object, type in "10" for "LENGTH").
  • When you're done entering all of your dimensions, press ENTER on your keyboard or click anywhere outside of the text box before clicking "OK."

  • Dimension tools in AutoCAD are used to measure distances and angles. They can be found in the Home tab, Annotation panel, Dimensioning sub-panel.
  • There are three types of dimension tools in AutoCAD: Linear, Angular, and Text.
  • Linear dimensioning is used to measure linear distances on the drawing or model space. It is also used to set a horizontal or vertical offset for objects such as text or an arrowhead.
  • Angular dimensioning is used to measure angles and angular dimensions on the drawing or model space.
  • Text dimensions are used to measure distances between text objects, such as letters and words that are not placed on a line of text.
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