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The Fillet Edge command is used to round the sharp edges of a line. It creates a small radius on each side of the selected edge, creating an arc shape at the intersection point and extending it so that it joins with adjacent lines or entities.

The Chamfer command is used to create a beveled edge on the inside or outside of an object. This can be done by selecting two different objects and then clicking the Chamfer button in the Modify panel. The first object will remain untouched and the second one will get a chamfered edge.

Fillet commands can be used to create a rounded edge on any two intersecting lines. The radius of the rounded edge can be specified with a number input or by dragging your cursor around the circumference of the desired roundness.

A chamfer is a type of bevel that is usually used to round off an edge. The reason for creating this shape is to make the edges look smoother and more aesthetically pleasing. There are two ways to create a chamfer in AutoCAD. One way is using the Chamfer command, which can be found in the Modify tab of the ribbon. The other way is by using Fillet, which can also be found in the Modify tab of the ribbon.

Fillet and Chamfer are two different types of tools that can be used to create a 3D surface. Fillet is used to make a surface smoother, while Chamfer is used to make the edge of a surface more rounded.

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