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The snap command is used to align drawing objects in AutoCAD. It is used to snap an object to the nearest edge of another object or an invisible grid.

The Grid command in AutoCAD is used to create a grid. The grid can be aligned to the current drawing or to a parallel plane.

The grid can also help you create drawings of accurate sizes by making it easier for you to snap objects to the grid. You can also use the grid as a visual guide when drawing lines and circles, for example.

The grid command can be accessed by typing 'GRID' in the command line and then pressing enter. The user will then need to type in the desired spacing for the grid, which can be entered in inches or millimeters. The user will also need to type in whether they want the horizontal or vertical lines drawn first, followed by how many rows and columns they want.

The grid aids in the alignment of objects as well as the visualisation of distances between them. The grid isn't drawn. Grid Snap limits the movement of the crosshairs to predetermined intervals. When Snap is enabled, when you create or alter items, the pointer appears to cling, or "snap," to an unseen rectangular grid.

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