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A multiline creates a group of lines that can be used to create shapes and outlines in AutoCAD. These lines can be connected to each other or not, depending on the user’s preference.

A multiline is created by using the LINE command. The line is drawn in one direction and then it can be extended in another direction by using the LINE command again.

Style tool is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to change the appearance of objects in your drawing.

The style properties are grouped into four sets:

  • General: This group includes properties such as line weight, line color, and linetype.
  • Text: This group includes the font type and size, text height, text orientation, text spacing, and text justification.
  • Hatch: This group includes hatch patterns and their associated settings.
  • Symbol: This group includes symbol libraries, symbol scaling options, symbol visibility options, and symbol layer assignment.

Multiline is the default line type in AutoCAD and it can be used to draw any type of line, curve or arc. Style is a predefined line that can be modified to suit different purposes.

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The different types of multiline in AutoCAD are:

  • Single line
  • Continuous
  • Continuous with arc length
  • Continuous with arrowheads
  • Continuous with arrowheads and arc length

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