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The smooth curve formed by linking two or more points is known as an arc. The arc of a circle is the fraction of the circle's circumference that is defined. The starting point, centre, and termination of the arc can all be specified.

Arc is a line segment that extends from one end of a curve to the other. In AutoCAD, an arc is drawn by placing two points on the desired curve and then drawing a line between them. The arc can be drawn in degrees, radians or grads. Arc can also be drawn in any other dimension such as height or width.

Drawing arcs in AutoCAD is a useful skill for many different purposes. It can be used in architecture to create window and door frames, or to create staircases and railings. It can also be used in engineering to draw piping networks or in construction to draw a foundation plan.

You can choose several settings for the centre, endpoint, start point, radius, angle, chord length, and orientation to build an arc.

Specify three points to draw an arc:

  • Select the Home tab. Create a panel Drop-down arc 3-Point. Find.
  • Determine the starting place.
  • Choose a spot on the arc to work with.
  • Give the endpoint a name.

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