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Tapper faces are useful for creating surfaces with identical heights, such as a floor, wall, or ceiling. The technique can also be used to create an offset boundary between two objects.

The Extrude Face command extrudes the faces of an object using a specified height, depth, and width. It can be used to create a solid or surface from a closed polyline, polygon, or spline curve.

Offset Face is a tool in AutoCAD that allows you to create an offset surface from the selected face on a 3D solid. It can be used for creating surfaces with holes, like countertops, as well as other shapes.

Tapper Face is a 3D tool in AutoCAD that allows you to create a face from a 2D drawing. It is used for many different purposes such as creating an avatar or even making the text look more humanized.

There are two ways to use Extrude Face in AutoCAD:

  • Click on the face to be extruded and then click on the Extrude button in the Home tab.
  • Click on the face to be extruded and then enter EXTRUDE as an option for the command line.

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