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The Stretch Command in AutoCAD is used to stretch the length of a line. It's also used to change the length of a line. To use it, you need to select two points on your drawing and then choose Stretch from the Draw menu. You can stretch it in both directions by moving your cursor vertically or horizontally.

The stretch command is used to change the size of a selection. It can be used to enlarge or shrink the size of an object.

To use the Stretch Command:

  • Select an object with the Selection Tool (V)
  • Hold down Shift and drag one of the corners outward or inward with your mouse until it has reached the desired size
  • Release Shift and you should have a proportional selection
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Stretch Command is a tool in AutoCAD that will help you to stretch an object. This command can be used to change the length of lines, arcs, and curves. It is also useful for resizing objects with precision.

The Stretch command is a tool that allows you to adjust the size of your text in your document. You can also use it to change the color of your text or add a border.

Some tips and tricks for using the Stretch command include:

  • If you want to make your text smaller, hold down the Shift key and click on the word “Stretch” in the toolbar.
  • To change the font size, click on the word “Stretch” in the toolbar and choose a different font size from there.
  • To change text color, hold down Shift and hover over any part of your document where you want to make changes before clicking on “Stretch”.

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