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A 3D object can be rotated about an axis by using the Revolve Command. The command is available in the Home tab of the ribbon and can be found under the Modify section.

The Revolve Command is a free web-based tool that has been developed in order to help writers create content for specific topics or as an aid for digital agencies who need to generate content for their clients. It’s a simple interface that allows people to enter keywords and then generates ideas that revolve around the inputted words.

Users can create a 3D solid by specifying the center point, axis of rotation, and radius of revolution. The command will then generate an arc that will form the outside circumference of the solid.

The Revolve Command in AutoCAD is a powerful tool that makes creating 3D objects easy and efficient. This command enables you to create an object by revolving two lines around a center point or axis. You can also use it to create an object by revolving one line around another, which is often called the Path option.

The process of using the revolve command starts with drawing one line on the screen. The user then selects the object that they want to turn into a 3D model and draws another line on the screen. The user then selects what axis they want to revolve around and uses their finger or mouse to rotate it.

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