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Creates a 3D solid or a 3D surface from an object with open ends or an object that encloses an area. Find. Objects can be extruded orthogonally from the source object's plane, in a certain direction, or along a predetermined path.

In AutoCAD 3D, the Presspull command is used to construct an area defined by the closed boundary. Or. It is used to pull a boundary that is enclosed. In the case of the selected circle or the interior of the confined area, it can also be utilised to build a 3D solid. Objects like arc can be utilised to make a three-dimensional surface.

A stands for Arc on the command line. Calculate the midpoint of the wall segment:

  • Pick a tool for the wall. You can also click the Home tab if you want. Create your own panel.
  • Drop-down feature on the wall Wall. Find.
  • Choose a starting position for the wall segment.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key to change the direction of the wall segments.
  • Define the endpoint of the wall segment

From the ribbon panel, select the Presspull symbol as shown below:

  • Choose an object or a bounded region to work with.
  • Set the height of the extrusion.
  • Click anywhere on the screen with the little rectangle selected and extended downward.

When you extrude the smaller rectangular face, you get a prism with parallel sides, which is what you'd anticipate from an extrusion. If you utilise Press-Pull, however, the resulting item will keep its angular shape.

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