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  • A box is a 3D shape. To create a box, you start by drawing a line with the Line command. You can draw the line any way you want, but it should be at least as long as the height of your box.
  • The next step is to use the Box command on that line. The Box command has some options that let you specify how high and wide your box should be. You can also specify whether or not you want to include an inside area for your shape, which will be outlined in blue when you are done drawing it in AutoCAD.

A cylinder is a 3D object with circular cross-sections. It can be created on the screen by drawing a circle and extruding it in the desired direction.

The process of creating a cylinder in AutoCAD is as follows:

  • Draw a circle.
  • Extrude the circle to create the desired thickness.
  • Create another set of circles to create an opening for the tube.

If you are looking for a way to create a cone in AutoCAD, try the following steps:

  • Draw a circle with the radius of the desired height.
  • Draw an ellipse with the same radius and height.
  • Copy and Paste the ellipse to create an identical copy on top of it.
  • Delete the original circle.
  • Select both ellipses and then click "Merge".

The difference between a cone and a cylinder in AutoCAD is that a cone has a point at the end, and a cylinder has no point. A cone is a 3D shape with one line on the edge that forms the base of the shape. A cylinder is also 3D but it doesn't have any lines on its edges.

A box is a three-dimensional object that has six rectangular faces, four of which are parallel to the ground. A cylinder is a three-dimensional object that has two circular ends and eight rectangular faces, four of which are parallel to the ground.

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