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A sphere is a round object that has the same diameter in all directions.

In AutoCAD, you can create a sphere by using the following steps:

  • Draw a circle with at least one radius of 5 units.
  • Select the circle and press F8 or select Circle from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter 10 for the number of segments and press Enter.

A pyramid is a three-dimensional solid with six faces that meet at a point. Pyramids are usually made from triangles, which are the only shape that can form the slanted sides of these solids.

  • The first step to create a wedge is to create the 3D object. To do this, select the Create tab on the Ribbon and then select 3D Modeling > Extruded Boss/Base > Wedge. This will open up the Wedge Properties dialog box where you can define the height of your wedge, its length and its width.
  • After defining these parameters, press OK to generate your new object in AutoCAD. The second step involves using your new wedge as a reference for other objects in AutoCAD. Select any 2 points on your screen which will define

A sphere is a 3D shape that can be created in AutoCAD. It is used to represent an object with a spherical surface or to create geometrical shapes such as spheres, hemispheres, and ellipsoids.

The sphere is commonly used in the following ways:

  • To represent the Earth's globe or celestial bodies such as planets and stars
  • For geometrical shapes such as spheres, hemispheres, and ellipsoids
  • To create a 3D object that has a spherical surface

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design software that can be used to draw different shapes. These shapes are classified into five categories:

  • Lines: these are the simplest form of shape in AutoCAD. They can be straight or curved, and they can have arrowheads or not, depending on the user's preference.
  • Polylines: these are similar to lines, but they can have more than one segment and they also have an arrowhead at each end.
  • Circles: this is a closed shape that has no endpoints nor any sharp corners and it is created by using the command "circle".
  • Arcs: this is a curved line that starts from one point and ends at another point which is not on the same line

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