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Presspull command is used to create a new line at the intersection of two lines. It is a command that can be entered by typing "presspull" or using the pull-down menu.

Presspull Command is a command in AutoCAD that allows you to create a new drawing by extracting the objects from an existing drawing.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select the objects you want to extract.
  • Type "presspull" and press enter or click on the command button.
  • The new drawing will be created with all the selected objects, scaled down to fit in the current paper space.

With Presspull Command in AutoCAD, you can automatically create a 3D model from any 2D drawing. This is a great feature for architects and engineers who want to show their designs in 3D without the need of using additional software.

Presspull Command is a command in AutoCAD that enables you to pull a series of objects. It can be used to move or copy an object. You can also use it to create a new object by pulling the edges of two or more objects.

In AutoCAD 3D, the Presspull command is used to construct an area defined by the closed boundary. It is used to pull a boundary that is enclosed. In the case of the selected circle or the interior of the confined area, it can also be utilised to build a 3D solid. Objects like arc can be utilised to make a three-dimensional surface.

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