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The function key is one of the most important keys in AutoCAD. It has many functions that are used to create, edit and delete objects and manage drawing sheets.

There are three types of function keys:

  • Standard Function Keys: These are the F1-F12 keys, which can perform different tasks depending on what you are doing in AutoCAD.
  • Special Function Keys: These are F13-F24, which work with specific commands like Zoom, Pan and Rotate. They can also be used to change drawing modes or set drawing parameters like linetype or layer state.
  • Shortcut Function Keys: These are F25-F36,

The ortho key is a command in AutoCAD that locks the cursor to the x or y axis. This allows the user to draw straight lines and shapes.

The Function key is located at the top left corner of a keyboard, and it is used to execute commands. The Ortho key is located on the bottom left side of a keyboard and it is used for typing words in an English language.

The following is a list of situations where the use of a function can be beneficial:

  • When you need to create something that is not possible with basic commands
  • When you want to create a complex shape that would take hours to draw manually
  • When you want to make changes to an existing drawing without having to redraw it from scratch
  • When you need to change the size of an object, but don't know how many units your current scale is set at
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The Ortho Key is used in AutoCAD when you want to create construction lines that are parallel to a specific line, plane, or axis.

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