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A polygon is a closed circuit created by a finite number of line segments joined together. A triangle is a three-sided figure, while an octagon is an eight-sided one. In AutoCAD, the polygon command is used to make polygons. To make a polygon, we must first define the number of sides.

In 2D and 3D, the fillet command is used to create rounded borders between consecutive lines and faces. In 2D, it's also used to join two tangent arcs. Enter F on the command line or at the command prompt.

The exercise of fillet is a drawing tool that can be used to create a curved edge for an object. The radius of the fillet is the distance from the point where the two lines intersect to the end point of the curve.

The Circle command can be accessed from the Draw tab on the Ribbon. To use this tool, click on it and then select either Centerpoint circle or Polar radius arc from the drop-down menu that appears in order to specify how you want your circle created.

Creates a closed equilateral polyline. You choose whether the polygon is inscribed or circumscribed, as well as the number of sides it has.

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