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The array command is a CAD tool that allows you to create copies of one or more objects in a drawing and evenly space them out on the screen or paper. The array command can be used for spacing, scaling, and rotating objects.

  • There are different ways to create an array:
  • One way is to use the 'new Array()' constructor.
  • Another way is to use the 'Array.from()' method.
  • The last way is to use a 'for-in loop'.
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Linear arrays are used to draw lines parallel to each other at a fixed distance. The lines can be drawn in any direction, but they will always be parallel to each other.

Creates copies of things ordered in a pattern from the command line. Creates nonassociative, 2D rectangular or polar arrays using legacy command line behaviour. If you specify a big number of items for the array, the copies may take a long time to produce.

A circular array is another name for it. The polar array is defined as a circular arrangement of duplicates of a thing. Consider the following example of drawing little circles around a larger circle.

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