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The rotate command is used to rotate the drawing by a specified angle.

The Rotate command can be used to rotate the drawing in either of two ways:

  • Specify a point on the screen, and then specify an angle.
  • Specify an angle, and then specify a point on the screen.

The first way is better for rotating an entire drawing or rotating it in small increments; while the second way is better for rotating just one object or rotating it by a large amount.

The Rotate Command in AutoCAD is used to rotate an object about a specified axis. It can be used for example to create a copy of an object and then rotate it by 180 degrees.

This command has the following options available:

  • Rotate about X axis
  • Rotate about Y axis
  • Rotate about Z axis
  • Rotate about X and Y axes
  • Rotate about X and Z axes

The rotate command is used to rotate objects in the drawing. It is often used to position a series of related drawings in a single view. This command is available on the Home tab > Draw panel > Rotate tool.

A rotate command in AutoCAD is used to rotate an object. It can be used to rotate a single object or multiple objects at the same time.

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