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Although the TEXT command allows you to add multiple lines of text, each text object is inserted separately. Adding numerous lines of text as a single object is common. The automatic word wrap feature of the Text Formatting dialogue box is disabled when the width is set to zero.

Create one or more lines of text with single-line text, pressing Enter to terminate each line. Each text line is its own object, which you can move, reformat, or otherwise change. Use multiline text instead of single-line text if you need to apply styling to individual words and characters.

Multi-line text is a type of text that can be formatted in AutoCAD to provide a separate line for text, numbers, and symbols. This type of text is often used in CAD drawings to show dimensions, to label objects and parts of the drawing or to provide instructions.

There are three types of multi-line texts:

  • Single line text - this type of multi-line text can only contain one line. It is often used for labeling objects or providing instructions.
  • Multi-line dimension (MLD) Text - this type of multiline text is often used in CAD drawings to show dimensions and measurements on the drawing itself
  • Multi-line annotation (MLA) Text - this type of multiline text is often used

The multiline text tool in AutoCAD is used to create text that spans more than one line. This is useful for creating a title block, or for adding a note at the bottom of the drawing.

Text in AutoCAD has three main purposes: to add descriptive information about the drawing, to give instructions for how to use the drawing, and to provide labels for parts of the drawing.

Text in AutoCAD is used for three main purposes:

  • To add descriptive information about the drawing
  • To give instructions on how to use the drawing
  • And to label parts of the drawing

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