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Select 3D Modelling from the Workspaces drop-down list on the Quick Access toolbar, or click the Workspace Switching button on the status bar.

3D modeling and rendering are becoming more popular in the field of design. They allow designers to create a realistic and immersive experience for their clients:

  • Create a 3D model
  • Create a wireframe model
  • Render the wireframe model
  • Add textures and materials
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3D workspaces have a lot of benefits that make it a popular choice among companies. It is easy to access and allows you to work in a more natural way. It also helps with creativity and collaboration.

3D styles are the different ways in which objects are rendered in AutoCAD. They provide a way to show the object from various perspectives and make it look realistic.

The different 3D styles include:

  • Wireframe: This is the default style that shows objects in 3D as wireframes. It is mostly used for visualization purposes and for showing hidden parts of an object.
  • Solid: This style renders objects as solids with surfaces that can be seen from all angles. It is mostly used for architectural drawings, structural analysis, and construction drawings.
  • Hidden Line Removal (HRL): HRL renders objects by removing hidden lines to create a more realistic appearance of the object, similar to how it would appear if you could see through it. It is mainly used

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