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Match Characteristics (MATCHPROP) is a tool in AutoCAD that allows you to easily copy properties like layer, colour, and linetype from one AutoCAD entity and apply them to another. Only display properties are matched for non-style-based objects.

The Properties palette appears, displaying a list of the selected objects' properties. When you pick multiple items, just the characteristics that are shared by all of them are displayed. Only the current settings of general properties are displayed when no objects are chosen.

Any style or object overrides in effect for the source object are applied to all display representations of the destination object when you use the Match Properties command. If current overrides for the destination object clash with similar settings for the source object, they will be removed.

The following are the different match types available in AutoCAD:

  • Literal Match: This is the default match type that is used when there are no other instructions given. The command will look for a point on the first object and then search for a corresponding point on the second object.
  • Projected Match: This type of match is used when you want to project one object onto another.
  • Rotated Match: This type of match will create a new point that is rotated from its original position.
  • Rotated, Projected Match: This type of match will create a new point that's rotated from its original position, and then projected onto another surface.

The lineweights in AutoCAD are set to a default of 1.0. You can change the lineweight of any object by typing the command line and entering a new number to specify the thickness of the object's line.

You can also change the lineweights in AutoCAD by using one of these methods:

  • The Properties palette
  • The Lineweight dialog box
  • The LAYER command
  • Using an object's LINE command

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