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The Hatch command is used to create a pattern of lines that fills an enclosed area. The Hatch Pattern dialog box can be accessed by going to the Home tab, and clicking on the small arrow at the bottom right corner of Hatch Creation Tools flyout.

A hatch pattern is created by specifying the following parameters:

  • Fill Type.
  • Hatch Type.
  • Line Style.
  • Line Weight.
  • Rotation Angle.
  • Pattern Scale Factor

In AutoCAD, there are three types of Hatches: Continuous Hatch, Block Hatch and Area Hatch. Continuous Hatches can be drawn by clicking the mouse button and dragging it across an area. Block Hatches can be drawn by drawing individual lines on the screen and Area Hatches can create a Hatch based on a closed polygon shape drawn on the screen.

First, select the area that you want to fill with the hatch pattern. Next, go to the command line and type "HATCH". Select "HATCH" from the menu that pops up and then select "Type". This will bring up a list of different hatch patterns that can be used for your project. Select one of these and then hit enter on your keyboard.

The hatch tool is used to fill an enclosed area with a pattern or texture. The hatch tool is found in the drawing toolbar and has a symbol that looks like a square with crosshairs in the middle.

There are two different ways to use hatches:

  • By selecting an object and then clicking on the desired hatch pattern from the Hatch Pattern Palette, or
  • By drawing a closed shape first and then applying the desired hatch pattern to it.

Hatching (hachure in French) is an artistic technique that involves drawing (or painting or scribing) tightly spaced parallel lines to generate tonal or shading effects.

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