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A browser exploit is malicious malware that exploits a weakness or vulnerability in an operating system or piece of software to break browser security and change a user's browser settings without their knowledge.

A journey to the summit of a high mountain is an example of exploit. Exploitation is defined as the act of using someone or something for one's personal gain. Pretending to befriend a brilliant student in class for the express goal of stealing his homework is an example of exploit. An act of heroism or remarkable bravery.

The first category is the social engineering type which involves tricking an individual into divulging sensitive information. The second category is the technical type which involves hacking a website's code or infrastructure.

Exploitation is a piece of coded software or a script that allows hackers to gain control of a system by exploiting its flaws. Vulnerability scanners such as Nessus, Nexpose, OpenVAS, and others are commonly used by hackers to uncover these flaws.

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