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  • BLIND SQL injection

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Blind SQL injection attacks, like conventional SQL injection, can be avoided by using parameterized queries, which ensure that user input does not interfere with the structure of the intended SQL query.

Take credit card numbers, personal information of customers/employees, patents, intellectual property, and other sensitive customer and/or corporate information. Execute administrative commands or read, add, edit, or delete data or tables from the database.

The UNION operator is widely used in SQL Injection to attach a malicious SQL query to the original query that the web application is supposed to conduct. The result of the injected query will be combined with the original query's result. This allows the attacker to get values from other tables' columns.

SQL injection attacks can be classified into the following categories:

  • Input that hasn't been sanitised.
  • Injection of SQL data without the user's knowledge.
  • Out-of-Band Injection is a term that refers to injection that occurs outside of the band.

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