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A honeypot is a network-attached system that serves as a decoy to attract cyber attackers and detect, divert, and investigate hacking attempts to gain unauthorised access to information systems.

Honeypots, according to some experts, are not only unethical, but also a disadvantage to the computer world because they are essentially "building the better hacker" because more and more hackers are training themselves to recognise honeypots and work around them, making secure systems a difficult ideal to achieve.

The Federal Wiretap Act is the most likely privacy statute to apply to honeypots installed in the United States. The Federal Wiretap Act makes it illegal to intercept an individual's communications in real time without their knowledge or permission, as this infringes on their privacy.

A honeypot is a security weakness that is purposefully left open. Typically, these devices will take the shape of a crippled virtual machine (VM) that has been placed in an easily accessible network area.

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