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Python is the most widely used scripting language among hackers. Python has a number of key features that make it particularly useful for hacking, the most notable of which is that it comes with pre-assembled libraries that provide extensive capability.

Network enumeration is the discovery of hosts/gadgets on a network; they often acquire data using well-known disclosure protocols such as ICMP and SNMP; they may also check different ports on distant hosts for well-known services in order to better understand the function of a remote host.

A firewall is a device that admits or stops communication in accordance with a set of rules. These are used to separate trusted and untrustworthy networks.

MAC Flooding is a technique that is used when the security of a network switch is breached. MAC flooding occurs when a hacker floods a switch with more frames than the switch can manage. This causes the switch to act as a hub, transmitting all packets to all available ports. The attacker can take advantage of this by attempting to send his packet via the network in order to steal important information.

An intrusion detection system, sometimes known as an IDS, is a software application or hardware that monitors a network for hostile activity or policy violations. With the help of a security information and event management system, each identified harmful activity or violation is reported or gathered centrally. Intrusion prevention systems are IDSs that can respond to intrusions when they are discovered (IPS).

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