Course Content

Course Content


  • Listing the contents of the directory ( ls command)
  • displaying the contents of a file ( cat command)
  • Creating Documents ( touch command)
  • Making subdirectories ( mkdir command)
  • Establishing symbolic ties ( ln command)
  • Erasing and deleting files and folders ( rm command)
  • Copies of files and folders ( cp command)

The Linux command is a piece of software that comes with the Linux operating system. Commands can be used to complete all simple and complicated operations. On the Linux terminal, the commands are run. The terminal is a command-line interface for interacting with the system, comparable to the Windows command prompt.

Household appliances, automobile entertainment systems, and network file system appliances all employ Linux as an embedded OS. Routers, switches, domain name system servers, home networking devices, and more all use network operating systems.

The Linux kernel and other Unix-like operating systems share well over 100 Unix commands.

When you use the write command, the person to whom you're writing receives a message with the following format: at hh:mm, a message from yourname@yourhost on yourtty... Any additional lines you type will be copied to the terminal of the designated user. If the other user wishes to respond, they must also run write.

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