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Taking notes, including documentation of the recovery site, the time and date found or received, description of the item, condition of the item, and any strange markings on or adjustments to the item should all be part of establishing a clear, well-documented chain of custody.

Because criminal trials rely on evidence acquired by police personnel, the chain of custody is often established by prosecutors. It can be difficult to prove chain of custody. Chain of custody can be successfully contested in a criminal prosecution if law enforcement does not perform it correctly.

From the time of seizure/confiscation to receipts in the forensic laboratory, safekeeping, and presentation in court for destruction, chain of custody is defined as the fully recorded authorised movements and custody of confiscated substances at each stage.

Collection methods, preservation, packaging, transportation, storage, and the development of an inventory list are all part of the chain of custody procedure. When an investigator takes custody of evidence at a crime scene, the chain of custody is established.

Label each item of evidence with the initials of everyone who handled it, the date, a description and source of the specimen, the name of the examiner, and the name of the patient to maintain the chain of custody for evidence obtained during medical forensic investigations.

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