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Send an interrupt signal and stop the command with the Ctrl+C key combination. Tcpdump will exit after capturing the packets. If no interface is supplied, tcpdump utilises the first interface it discovers and dumps all packets that pass over it.

tcpdump is a packet analyzer that may be run from the command prompt. It can be used to examine network traffic by intercepting and displaying packets created or received by the computer on which it is installed. It is compatible with Linux and other UNIX-based operating systems.

Wireshark is a data packet capture tool with a graphical user interface. Tcpdump is a command-line utility for capturing packets. It can decode data payloads if the encryption keys are known, and it can recognise data payloads from file transfers such as smtp, http, and other protocols.

Wireshark's packet capture in Ethernet mode was equal to Tcpdump's if the network had less traffic, i.e. less than 1000 packets in 60 seconds. Wireshark collects more packets as the number of packets increases by 0.5-1 percent. Wireshark outperforms Tcpdump in terms of packet capture speed, according to this investigation.

The tcpdump utility can be stopped using the following methods: You can use the Ctrl + C key combination to halt the tcpdump programme if you're using it interactively from the command line. Ctrl + C will end the session.

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