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Because the software is popular among hackers and is freely available, security experts should become familiar with it even if they don't use it. Metasploit now has 1677 exploits spread across 25 platforms, including Android, PHP, Python, Java, Cisco, and others.

The console is where Metasploit starts. Launch the exploit multi/handler and listen to the clients with the Android payload. Set the payload, listener IP (LHOST), and listener PORT settings next (LPORT). When generating an, we utilised the IP address localhost, the port 4444, and the payload android/meterpreter/reverse tcp.

However, the manner in which Metasploit is employed determines whether it is legal or criminal. If you're hacking your own system, using Metasploit is legal because you have your own consent and authorizations; but, if it's used to get unauthorised access to someone else's system, it's criminal.

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